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Sequin 90″ x 156″ Embroidery Taffeta Tablecloth – Apple Red

$8.00 / night

Low inventory.  Use as special table coverings for like head, gift, registration tables, etc.

Recommended rental:  $15.00/each

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Recommended rental:  $15.00/each


Add a touch of sparkle with our Sequin Embroidery Taffeta Tablecloths! Made from our luxurious taffeta embroidered with a patterned grid, the embroidered line intersections on this design are marked with beautiful sequined two-inch circles. The circles feature our famous glitz sequins that overlap to reduce plain areas and truly shine. Each tablecloth is durable, can be laundered on a delicate cycle, and can easily be ironed around the sequin details. Our Sequin Embroidery Taffeta Tablecloths are the on-trend detail your special event needs!

Make your event effortlessly cohesive with our other Sequin Embroidery Taffeta items, including napkins, table runners, fabric bolts, round and rectangular tablecloths, and overlays!

Material: Sequin and Taffeta

Size: Approx. 90″x156″ rectangular seamless

Color: Red

Fit: 90″ x 156″ rectangular tablecloths will touch the floor over a 8 ft long table.




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