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Chiffon Chair Sash – White


Chair sashes or table runners

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Instantly heighten the elegance of your banquet, folding or Chiavari chairs with our Chiffon Chair Sashes/Ties. Use also as table runners. These lightweight and breezy sashes create bows, weaves and drape elegantly across church pews, guest chairs, high top tables or head bride and groom chairs. Their versatility achieves any look your event theme can demand. Embellish them with clips, pins, sashes, gems and more to transform lackluster party chairs into exquisite and eye-catching banquet chairs. These gorgeous sashes catch the light and add a touch of softness to your indoor or outdoor event. To achieve the same “weaved” style look of our pictured Chiavari chair, you will need to interlace all five sashes. The results are perfect for the chairs at the head bride and groom table that works to set them apart and make a statement of grandeur.

To recreate the look shown, 5 sashes will be needed per chair.

Color: White

Material: Chiffon

Dimensions: Approx. 19″x 72″




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